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Chan Chan: Peruvian archaeologists find 17 500-year-old wood statuettes. Trujillo, Peru

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Chan Chan: Peruvian archaeologists find 17 500-year-old wood statuettes

October 20, 2009. Source: Andina
After several weeks of excavations a total of 17 wood statuettes of more than 500 years old found at Ñain An Palace, located in Chan Chan mud-built citadel (Trujillo province), were presented on Monday.

Cristobal Campana, Director of 110 Executing Unit, responsible for the restoration and conservation of the largest mud-built citadel in the world, said they found a total of 17 anthropomorphic wood statuettes, which are built on the ground and within a few vaulted niches in the sides of the ceremonial temple entrance.

“We have found 20 vaulted niches, but only 17 statuettes. We believe that the missing 3 were removed by settlers before closing the temple,” he said.

“This is the most important find in the last years and performed by Peruvian archaeologists in Chan Chan citadel. At present, 16 specialists are performing restoration works in situ,” he added.

He pointed out that these statuettes may have been placed in this area between 1350 and 1400 A.D., period that belongs to the Chimu culture, largely developed in northern Peru.


Chan Chan: 17 Wood Statuettes