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Valicha (Huayno) in Quechua by William Luna


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Video description: Valicha by William Luna and the Symphony Orchestra of Peru. Source: YouTube.

Valicha is a well known huayno from Cuzco. It was composed by Miguel Angel Hurtado in honor of Valicha Willca, a very beautiful Incan woman who broke the heart of lots of men in her hometown named Acopia, Cuzco.

Huayno is a genre of popular Andean Music from Peru. It is especially common in Peru and Bolivia. It originated in Peru as a combination of traditional rural folk music and popular urban dance music. High-pitched vocals are accompanied by a variety of instruments, including flute, harp, panpipe, accordion, saxophone, charango, lute, violin, guitar, and mandolin. Some elements of huay˝o originate in the music of the pre-Columbian Andes. Huayno utilizes a distinctive rhythm in which the first beat is stressed and followed by two short beats. Source: Wikipedia, Huayno.

William Luna (December 14, Cuzco) is a Peruvian singer/songwriter, and producer of contemporary Andean folklore. Source

Valicha in Quechua, Video