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Valicha Lyrics in Quechua


Valicha lisay pañahuay
niña chaydevera maypiñay tinkunki
qosqota, ura, tchañaman
niña chaydevera paqtata; suashian
qosqoman charayuspari
niña chaydevera imataq ruhanqa
Akata huasicuñaypi
niña chaydevera valicha ruahanqa
cuartela punkucuñaypi
niña chatdevera sonqota suanqa


Paucartambo puskay challay
ima munayta muñanqui
ima munayta muñaypan
warmi sonqojta suanqui.

 is a well known huayno from Cuzco. It was composed by Miguel Angel Hurtado in honor of Valicha Willca, a very beautiful Incan woman who broke the heart of lots of men in her hometown named Acopia, Cuzco.

Huayno is a genre of popular Andean Music from Peru. It is especially common in Peru and Bolivia. It originated in Peru as a combination of traditional rural folk music and popular urban dance music. High-pitched vocals are accompanied by a variety of instruments, including flute, harp, panpipe, accordion, saxophone, charango, lute, violin, guitar, and mandolin. Some elements of huayño originate in the music of the pre-Columbian Andes. Huayno utilizes a distinctive rhythm in which the first beat is stressed and followed by two short beats. Source: Wikipedia, Huayno.


Valicha, Lyrics in Quechua