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Sipan: Mochica noblemanSource: Andina, October 28, 2009

The warrior priest's tomb unearthed in the archaeological complex of Huaca Rajada-Sipán, in Lambayeque’s Zaña province, may represent a burial rite held during the Early Moche Period which would have given rise to the Sipan Culture more than 2000 years ago.

This was revealed by archaeologist Luis Chero Zurita at the Sipan-Huaca Rajada archaeological site in the northern Peruvian region of Lambayeque.

According to recent scientific studies, the tomb is thought to belong to a 21-year-old Mochica nobleman.

The tomb, discovered in late August this year, included a crown featuring an owl, two nose rings in each hand, small copper bells, as well as breastplates and bracelets made of seashells or spondylus.

“During the archaeological excavations (at 39 feet deep), we also found two owl-shaped vessels which were very common during the Early Moche period,” said archaeologist Chero.

It was reported that the relics will be taken to the local onsite museum for its conservation and restoration.


 Huaca Rajada Sipan