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 Thirteen-angle stone discovered at Incahuasi, Huancavelica

Thirteen-angle stone discovered at Incahuasi, Huancavelica, Inca Geometry, Tridecagon

(Photo: Ministerio de Cultura, Peru)


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13 angles Inca stone discovered at archeological site Inca Wasi in Huancavelica
By Ministerio de Cultura, Peru
October 23, 2014

Researchers of the stretch project Vilcashuaman – Pisco of the Qapaq Ñan from the Ministry of Culture have discovered a stone of 13 angles (tridecagon) carved in a hydraulic system built at the archeological site Incawasi in Huancavelica.

Like the 12-angle stone (dodecagon) in the wall on Cusco’s Hatun Rumiyoc street, the stone at Inkawasi has been cut to fit in with impressive precision to the other stone blocks in the wall. Read more


Inca Geometry: Tridecagon
A tridecagon is a polygon with 13 sides, angles, and vertices.