The Incas: Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Inca Trail

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Machu Picchu Word Cloud

Machu Picchu Word Cloud.

Russian Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines: Mysterious elk-shaped geoglyph discovered in Russia, Map and News.

Huayna Picchu Map and News

Huayna Picchu, Young Peak, Map and News.

The Intihuatana, Machu Picchu

The Intihuatana, Machu Picchu.
Map and News

Choquequirao Index Index

Choquequirao, Index.

Sacred Rock, Two Huayranas, Huayna Picchu entrance Map and News

Huayna Picchu Entrance, Sacred Rock with Two Huayranas.
Map and News

Inca and Pre-Inca Mummies Index

Inca and Pre-Inca Mummies.

Killke Culture in Machu Picchu

Killke Culture: Pre-Inca remains represent 40% of Machu Picchu Archaeological Park


Royal Commentaries of the Incas

The Royal Commentaries of the Incas.
by Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.
Mind Maps: Book I, Book II, Book III, Book IV, Book V, Book VI, Book VII, Book VIII, Book IX

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