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Marcahuasi Sunset and Golden Rectangles

Successive Golden Rectangles dividing a Golden Rectangle into squares (Marcahuasi Sunset)

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Marcahuasi and San Pedro de Casta

Marcahuasi is a high plateau frequently visited by hikers and campers wanting to see its many unusual rock formations; standing at over 4,000m (13,123 feet) above sea level, its one of Peruís lesser-known marvels and something of a mystical enigma. It also makes a fantastic weekend camping jaunt and is one of the more adventurous but popular weekend excursions from Lima. lts main attractions are the incredible rock formations themselves which, particularly by moonlight, take on weird shapes ó llamas, human faces, turtles, even a hippopotamus. Thereís also a large clearing known as the amphitheatre, which hosts an incredible annual village festival involving three days of ceremony. Source: The Rough Guide to Peru By Dilwyn Jenkins.

Marcahuasi Sunset and Golden Rectangles