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Inca and Pre-Inca Mummies Index

Laramarka Takirari de Jaina

Llullaillaco Maiden, Inca Girl "La Doncella".
Inca Sacrifice, Video.

Lord of Sipan, Pre-Inca Culture

The Lord of Sipan, Index.
The tomb is a Moche culture site in Peru.

Chachapoyas Mummies.
Moment 600 years ago that terror came to Mummies of the Amazon.

Chotuna, Lambayeque, Peru

Peru archaeologists find pre-Inca sacrificial tomb in Chotuna, Lambayeque.

Huaca Rajada Sipan

New secrets revealed at ancient Huaca Rajada-Sipan
Tomb shows Peruís Moche were Christís contemporaries.


Pre-Inca Sican treasures of Peru's Pomac Forest
Pre-Inca burial site found. Archaeologists discover 1,000-year-old mausoleum in Peru. Tomb find reveals pre-Inca city.